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Adoptable Havanese
Adoptable Havanese
The dogs listed in this section are available for adoption. If you’re interested in adopting, you must complete an adoption application before you can be considered as a possible candidate.
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Foster Care Area
Foster Care Area
The dogs listed in this section are in, or waiting for, foster care and are not yet available. If you're willing to wait, or to foster, you may still complete an adoption application to be considered as a candidate.
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Surrender or Request Help for a Havanese in Need
Surrender or Request Help for a Havanese in Need
If you need to surrender a Havanese to rescue, or you know of a Havanese that needs rescue assistance, please complete this form. Submissions are monitored seven days a week.
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Applications - Adoption & Volunteer
Applications - Adoption & Volunteer
Becoming a volunteer foster home can increase your chances of adopting, and HRI always needs volunteers to help with other efforts.
Volunteer Registration
Adoption Application
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HRI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entirely supported by your donations. Please consider helping. Every little bit adds up!
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HavToHavIt General Store
HavToHavIt General Store
Another way to support HRI is to enjoy some shopping at our very own store. All profits support our rescue dogs because the store is entirely staffed by our wonderful volunteers.
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Featured Article

Senior Advantage OLD

"Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog."

Sidney Jeanne Seward

Remember! Small dogs have a longer life-expectancy than large dogs and often live 14-17 years.

All too many dogs of advanced years end up terrified and confused at shelters, where their chances of adoption are almost zero.

Others are desperate for a new home because of a move, owners working much longer hours, trouble with small children in the home, a death in the family, or bad financial circumstances.

HRI's goal is that their last years are happy for our Seniors, that they die safe and at peace, knowing they are loved. Wouldn't we all wish this for our own pets, and for ourselves?

While many of our adoptive households look first at puppies or young adult dogs, it's the Senior Havie (eight years of age or older) that has the charming nature of a mature Havanese that we all find virtually irresistible! 

Consider these aspects of your life to see if a Senior Havie might be the perfect dog for you:

If you have a busy, demanding life, a Senior can offer easy adaptability to the ebb and flow of your household, tolerance of changes in your schedule, and a long attention span with a tight focus on your instructions and behavior preferences. Most senior animals are beautifully housebroken and are well past the slipper-chewing and rummaging-in-the-trash stage of life!

A Senior is ready for that laid-back, easy-going life style, and perhaps a few more naps on the sofa. Senior Havies mellow as they age. They're gentle with children, cats, other dogs, delivery persons, and neighbors strolling on the sidewalk. They're also a terrific example for other, younger, dogs in the household.

A Senior will enjoy playing and walking without the intensity and duration a younger dog would demand of you. You can finish your work day, take your silver-faced, tail-wagging companion for a stroll around the block - and settle down together for a quiet evening. No strenuous running-jumping-tumbling-throwing-tugging required at the end of your day.

A senior can offer companionship, fun, affection, and a spirited response - with stability, consistency, and reliability. When you adopt a Senior from Havanese Rescue, the animal's personality, characteristics, temperament and behavior in various circumstances are clear and present for all to see. If you meet one of our Seniors, what you see is definitely what you get!

One of our Seniors can be your best friend, he or she will have had enough life experience to appreciate the comfort and affection you can offer. Our dogs probably know about the heartbreak of loss, the fear of abandonment, the anxiety caused by pain or hunger - but what they know best of all is how to banish human loneliness with an affectionate lick, some cuddling or a gentle wag.

Won't you consider a Senior Havanese?
If so, we can promise you'll experience loyalty to last a lifetime. When you take that Senior home with you, you'll see relief and gratitude in their sweet faces as you whisper to them "You're safe now, and you're on your way home."

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Havanese Rescue, Inc.


MISSING! Atlanta, GA 09/14/05


Anyone in the area of the Atlanta Airport, please keep an eye out for a light colored Havanese female. Her name is Suvi and she is from Finland.
Suvi escaped with her lead (Resco type) attached, near the Swiss Air Cargo area of Atlanta Airport on 9/14/05. She was last seen on Loop Road South. If anyone sees her, please contact Ken on his cell at (828) 442-3894.

The police, the highway patrol, the people that work in the air cargo offices, and airport security hav
e all been notified, along with shelters in the area, however, any assistance in the search would be appreciated.
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