Tuesday 21 Oct 2014
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Our Rescue Dogs

  • Available for Adoption

    The dogs featured here are currently available for adoption. Other dogs are listed in our "In Foster Care" & "Special Needs" categories.


  • Foster Care Area

    The dogs in this section are either in foster care and are being evaluated or in some cases, are waiting for a foster home. Some dogs have medical issues that are being addressed and some are working with their foster families to prepare them for adoption. You're welcome to complete an adoption application, if you're interested in one of these dogs, however, please be aware that it may be some time before a particular dog is available for adoption. If you're willing to foster a dog that needs a foster home, please indicate that on your application (Foster-To-Adopt).Thank you for your interest in a Havanese Rescue Dog!

  • Happy Beginnings!

    All dogs in this section have been adopted and are enjoying their new homes!


  • Rainbow Bridge
  • Overcoming the Odds