Tuesday 16 Sep 2014
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Available for Adoption


Cash in TX

SpotL Cash Spotlight SpotR


Cash is an outgoing, never met a stranger kind of dog. He is interested in getting petted from anyone who is willing. If you sit down he wants to be in your lap getting petted and looking lovingly up into your face.


Scooter in CA


SCOOTER CA HEADSHOTSeven-year-old Scooter is all charm and quiet personality.  He is 13.5 pounds of happiness with a soft, wavy blonde coat.  Scooter loves attention, but does not demand it.  He's wonderful with his foster siblings and barely reacts to the elderly cat in the household.  Although Scooter has not had much training, he is a quick learner and walks easily on  leash.  He greets everyone, young and old, two footed or four, attentively and calmly.



Zoey in FL


Zoey is a very sweet and loving nine-year-old girl, weighing in at 16.5 pounds. She has a happy personality and excellent table manners, waiting patiently for her turn and treat. Zoey is very friendly and greets everyone she meets enthusiastically, introducing herself with a happy hello bark. She loves attention and offers it twofold in return. As with most Havs, she is a "Velcro" dog, following and staying close by her foster Mom and family. But when she needs some "Zoey time", she quietly excuses herself and finds a "hidey hole" to settle down for a snooze.


Circe in KS

Circee crop sit Meet Circe: 18 pounds of love and affection, wrapped in a soft black and white coat. She is a sweet seven-year old girl with a relaxed and loving personality.




Champ in CA

CHAMP CA HEADSHOTChamp is a ten-year-old, cream-colored boy who weighs 14 lbs.  He is the embodiment of the HavaneseSeniorAdvantageIcon temperament. He is such a good boy!  He has an affectionate and sweet nature, behaves like a gentleman, and still loves to romp and play, but is also happy to curl up on his foster mom's lap.




Katie in MN

Katie in MN - Small FaceKatie is a charming, little, eight-year old, 12.5 pound Havanese who loves people, is easygoing and readily fits into her foster family. One of her favorite things is to sit on the top of the sofa to keep an eye on the world through the window. Katie loves going on walks and being close to her humans.





PaisleySmFacePetite Paisley is an adorable two-year-old little girl, weighing in at only 8.5 pounds. She sports a beautiful silver sable coat which is still growing out from a short cut in June. Her white legs and hind quarters make her look like she's wearing a set of adorable pantaloons.