Wednesday 20 Aug 2014
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Available for Adoption


CoCo (KoeKoe) in CT

SpotL CoCo SmFace2 SpotR

IN THE SPOTLIGHT!SeniorAdvantageIcon

Coco (KoeKoe) is a sweet and loving 8+-year-old Havanese, always eager to please and soak up all the attention and love she can. She has made progress in losing some much-needed weight with monitored exercise and diet and is on her way to finding her once svelte figure.


Mazzie/Cisco in DE

MazzieCiscoSmFace2These bosom buddies, Mazzie and Cisco, are nine-year-old male SeniorAdvantageIconlitter mates.  Mazzie’s coat is like a champagne white and Cisco is mostly black with adorable white highlights that give him such an expressive face!  They are a bonded pair who each weigh about 20 pounds. 




Jax in FL

JAX FL HEADSHOTJax is a very energetic Havanese puppy who loves human attention.  He'll be a year old in September and is hoping he'll be able to celebrate his birthday with his new family.  Jax would do well with children over the age of ten where someone is around the home much of the time to give him attention.  His exuberance makes him a little too active for younger children.




Champ in CA

CHAMP CA HEADSHOTChamp is a ten-year-old, cream-colored boy who weighs 14 lbs.  He is the embodiment of the HavaneseSeniorAdvantageIcon temperament. He is such a good boy!  He has an affectionate and sweet nature, behaves like a gentleman, and still loves to romp and play, but is also happy to curl up on his foster mom's lap.




Tony in TX

TonySmFace2SeniorAdvantageIconTony is an easy-going nine-year old who loves to relax, but always has his tail wagging. He loves a sprightly walk and car rides. He makes friends with everyone, children of all ages, fellow doggies, and his trusted humans. He’s even bilingual! Just say, "Let's go to your casa," and he’ll scamper to his crate!




Bella in GA

BellaSmFaceBella is a sweet, feisty little four-year old little girl that loves adults and running and playing with her doggie friends inside a fenced yard. She walks well on leash and gets very excited when invited to go for a ride in a car.




Havvi in FL

HavviSmFaceIf you are looking for a small lap dog then you have found her! Havvi is seven years old  and weighs 9.5 pounds.  She loves dogs, cats, and new people, including kids, that she meets on walks. She is working on her house training and loves the treats that come with that!





Katie in MN

Katie in MN - Small FaceSeniorAdvantageIconKatie is a charming, little, eight-year old, 12.5 pound Havanese who loves people, is easygoing and readily fits into her foster family. One of her favorite things is to sit on the top of the sofa to keep an eye on the world through the window. Katie loves going on walks and being close to her humans.




Paisley in TX

PaisleySmFacePetite Paisley is an adorable two-year-old little girl, weighing in at only 8.5 pounds. She sports a beautiful silver sable coat which is still growing out from a short cut in June. Her white legs and hind quarters make her look like she's wearing a set of adorable pantaloons.






Gus and Mikey in CO - Small Face Gus and Mikey have been well loved and taken care of their whole lives. They are bonded boys that will remain together, happily greeting and charming everyone they encounter. Two boys but one giant loving heart! Quick to learn new routines and tackle some adjustment changes in stride, a truly amazing set of Boyz.




Razzle in MD - Adoption Pending

Razzle headshot

SeniorAdvantageIconSurprise!  This sweet, fluffy gift is named Razzle, an eight year old boy weighing 15 pounds.  This well-adjusted pup has not been shy about making himself comfortable in his foster home.  He plays with the other doggies in the house as if they were childhood buddies.  He’s also discovered the art of gift-wrapping (or unwrapping?), as you can see by the way he’s festooned himself with ribbons!  Razzle has a sweet, loving nature, is housebroken, has nice leash manners, and travels well in the car.  He sleeps peacefully in his crate – in fact, he waits for you to tell him “good night” and then he scampers into his crate all by himself for a tranquil evening of doggie dreaming.


Henry in MO - Adoption Pending

HenryMO SmFaceHenry is a ten-month old sweetheart weighing in at eight pounds.  He likes to divide his time between snuggling on a warm lap and playing with his doggie foster-brothers. Whenever he isn't running wild with them, he wants to be by his human's side.






JayeSmFacePlease meet Lady Jaye, one of our most recent princesses at HRI. Though she is a royal princess she does not mind working – she is a professional lap warmer and snuggle-cuddle buddy! She is just 18 months old and maintains a girlish figure at 15.5 pounds. This beautiful young lady is fully house-trained and crate-trained. She knows some basic commands, like “sit” and “come,” and has excellent leash manners. Like any princess, she can be a picky eater, but she loves mealtime and snacks.  She is a little shy, but is becoming more and more confident and social.




Gigi in Illinois - Small FaceGigi is a very energetic, fun loving, 2.5 year old Havanese who loves to fetch and quickly engages the other dogs to run and play in the securely fenced yard.






RicoSmFace2Rico is an adorable 9-year-old Havanese with immense charm, SeniorAdvantageIconand a personality to match. He loves everything, everyone and his favorite spot is in his foster mom’s arms or under her chair. He loves other pups, children, and melts the hearts of all that meet him.






SeniorAdvantageIconIntroducing Mr. Noodle! He is a nine pound fluffy white fellow with golden highlights.  Mr. Noodle is oodles of fun!  He is nine-years-old, but acts like a puppy.  He is an active and happy dog who is housebroken, eats well, and sleeps peacefully in his crate.  Mr. Noodle is very playful, and won't refuse an opportunity to chase a ball or play with a squeaky toy.  He has excellent leash manners and absolutely loves going on long walks with his foster mom.  He makes friends wherever he goes (people and dogs!) and adjusts well to new circumstances.  Mr. Noodle is the epitome of the happy, joyful Havanese.  His foster mom thinks he's perfect!



Tessie in WA - Head shotTessie is a very shy, seven-year-old Havanese being brought around by her kind, gentle foster mom.