Monday 20 Oct 2014
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Available for Adoption


Cassie in KY

SpotL Cassie in Kentucky - Spotlight photo SpotR


SeniorAdvantageIconCassie is an 11-year-old sweetheart. She loves attention from her foster mom and follows her everywhere. Her sweet nature makes her easy to be around. She is adorable when she makes strange noises trying to talk to her foster mom. Cassie is less certain about her foster dad. She is more comfortable with women than men, with whom she is apprehensive. Cassie is good with children over the age of 12 and she gets along well with the other dogs in her foster home.




MJ in MO

mj in mo headshotMJ is a 2 1/2 year old Havanese mix (likely a Havanese x Lhasa mix) with a wonderful personality. He is friendly and loving with men, women and children over the age of 9. His foster family reports MJ is 20 1/2 pounds of love and happiness. Even the vet who cleaned MJ's teeth remarked on his wonderful temperament.


Lola Belle in NorCal

LOLA BELLE CA HEADSHOTEight year old Lola Belle is a very smart and engaging little Havanese! Rather than sitting back and watching life, Lola Belle likes to be in the middle of what's happening. She dives into the toy box and joyfully empties it in record time. She loves toys, rawhide chews, car rides and people, though not necessarily in that order.




Margie & Nick in NorCal

SeniorAdvantageIconMARGIE AND NICK CAMargie and Nick are a delightful bonded pair of Havs. Nine year old Margie is a lovely charcoal grey with silver and mahogany highlights and weighs 13.4 pounds. Ten year old Nick, a cream colored Havanese weighs 12 pounds. They are both house-trained, and leash and crate trained.



Oso in FL

OsoHeadShotOso is very loving and wants to be with his people all the time. He has all the energy a puppy can have, bouncing through life full of joy. He loves to play with toys and although he will entertain himself, he prefers to engage his human in the game. He forgets he is bigger than a cat and tries to lie on the back of couch to put his head on his human's shoulder.



Circe in KS

Circee crop sit Meet Circe: 18 pounds of love and affection, wrapped in a soft black and white coat. She is a sweet seven-year old girl with a relaxed and loving personality.




Lily in FL

Lily in FL headshotspecialneedsiconDarling Lily is 6 years old and weighs 15 pounds. This charming little girl, a Havanese mix, gets along with the other dogs in her foster family, with cats and with people of all ages. She's a great ambassador!





Charlie in KS

Charlie in KS HeadShotNine-year-old Charlie, a former puppy mill dog, is soaking in the experiences of living in a home with his foster family. He is shy and doesn't demand attention. Charlie is like a shadow and follows his foster mom around the house. He likes to be in the same area that she is. He lets her know when he wants to be picked up, but becomes insecure and cowers before it happens.




Windy in MS

WINDY MS HEADSHOT2Windy is a ten-year-old Havanese with a soft and wavy black and white coat.  At 20 pounds, she is looking for a walking companion to help her trim her figure. She enjoys these walks, and the time with her person. It's also a good way for Windy to explore the world. She's curious about everything!SeniorAdvantageIcon




Champ in CA

CHAMP CA HEADSHOTChamp is a ten-year-old, cream-colored boy who weighs 14 lbs.  He is the embodiment of the HavaneseSeniorAdvantageIcon temperament. He is such a good boy!  He has an affectionate and sweet nature, behaves like a gentleman, and still loves to romp and play, but is also happy to curl up on his foster mom's lap.





lola in florida headshotLola is almost ready to celebrate her first birthday. She's 9 1/2 pounds of love and fluff. Lola's foster mom says Lola is a very lovable puppy and always full of surprises. She likes to cuddle and freely gives away kisses.




 SCOOTER CA HEADSHOTSeven-year-old Scooter is all charm and quiet personality.  He is 13.5 pounds of happiness with a soft, wavy blonde coat.  Scooter loves attention, but does not demand it.  He's wonderful with his foster siblings and barely reacts to the elderly cat in the household.  Although Scooter has not had much training, he is a quick learner and walks easily on  leash.  He greets everyone, young and old, two footed or four, attentively and calmly.