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Adoptable Havanese
Adoptable Havanese
The dogs listed in this section are available for adoption. If you’re interested in adopting, you must complete an adoption application before you can be considered as a possible candidate.
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Foster Care Area
Foster Care Area
The dogs listed in this section are in, or waiting for, foster care and are not yet available. If you're willing to wait, or to foster, you may still complete an adoption application to be considered as a candidate.
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Surrender or Request Help for a Havanese in Need
Surrender or Request Help for a Havanese in Need
If you need to surrender a Havanese to rescue, or you know of a Havanese that needs rescue assistance, please complete this form. Submissions are monitored seven days a week.
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Applications - Adoption & Volunteer
Applications - Adoption & Volunteer
Becoming a volunteer foster home can increase your chances of adopting, and HRI always needs volunteers to help with other efforts.
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HRI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entirely supported by your donations. Please consider helping. Every little bit adds up!
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HavToHavIt General Store
HavToHavIt General Store
Another way to support HRI is to enjoy some shopping at our very own store. All profits support our rescue dogs because the store is entirely staffed by our wonderful volunteers.
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Havanese Rescue, Inc.

Bordeaux in FL ADOPTED

Don't you just love this face!

bordeauxfaceBordeaux is a very handsome 2 year old neutered young male who tips the scale at 15 pounds.

Bordeaux is your typical Havanese...happy and go lucky!  He would like a home that has no young children.    

He came from a single woman household and he likes the attention and calmness of that type of environment.  He does like the company of other dogs and gets along well with his foster family of five! 

bordeaux He has picked up playintg chase the cat with his friends but this is more of a game that the cat instigates!  Bordeaux likes to be close and snuggle, ride in the car and take walks.  He has no problem staying at home when his foster mom is at work but is a velcro pup shen she is home.

If you have a lot of love and attention to give this little guy please send in an application.

Bordeaux is being fostered in Florida.


Changing Havanese at a a time.


News, Current Events and Items of Special Interest

The 2015 Quilts are Finished!

They've done it again! The Forum Quilters and the HRI Quilt Group have once again outdone themselves. Two gorgeous quilts will be available and you may win one! You can view these works of art here, and enter the drawing here.


2013 Financial Report

Total 2013 Income - $141,888.13

  • $54,550.93 - HavToHavIt Store
  • $22,325.00 - Adoption Donations
  • $30,996.42 - General Donations
  • $15,663.00 - Auction
  • $  6,161.00 - Calendar
  • $ 7,426.00  - Reception
  • $ 4,641.80  - Quilt Project
  • $    123.98 - Interest

Total 2013 Expenses - $135,585.67

  • $87,258.79 - Foster Dog Expenses (Vet, grooming, Transportation, Supplies)
  • $ 41,285.01  - Store Purchases & Cost of
  • $  7,041.87 - Operating Expenses

Easy and fun ways to support our dogs!

When using Amazon please go through so your purchases will garner painless donations for HRI. This is free money to support the many pups that need us.

For other on-line shopping, you can use Goodshop as many stores are listed there and again free money for HRI when you use that site to shop at many of your favorite stores.

When searching the web, the use of Goodsearch also provides donations.

Another easy and fun way to gather donations for HRI is via ResQwalk. For those walkers out there, all you have to do is download the free app to your smartphone and follow directions to indicate HRI as your charity. As you enjoy the benefits of walking HRI's pups will enjoy receiving a donation!

To earn donations from ResQwalk, use the following links for iTunes and Android:
Android app
iPhone app

More fun shopping! Whenever this link is clicked, your rescue will be automatically chosen as the donation beneficiary during checkout on

Use this Barkbox link to earn a $5 discount on any BarkBox subscription. (The URL will automagically apply the code to anyone coming in through that link.)   

Each time this code (BBX1SQ4Q) is used on, a $15 donation is generated for your organization! Even on one month subscriptions that are $29 – 50% is donated to HRI!

Thank you for all you do for our pups.
Happy shopping, searching and walking!

Calming Canine Music

ThroughADogsEarThunderThe creators of the Through A Dog’s Ear series have collaborated with Victoria Stilwell, star of Animal Planet’s It’s Me or the Dog, and developed the new Canine Noise Phobia Series

Does your dog suffer from a fear of thunderstorms? Does his anxiety level increase when the storm clouds roll in? Thunderstorm phobia is a very common condition among dogs all over the world. The terror that results can be an incredibly distressing, debilitating problem not only for dogs, but also for their owners who feel powerless to help. This groundbreaking desensitization tool will teach your dog to associate positive feelings with thunderstorms rather than feeling fearful, and will help to gradually reduce your dog’s fear when exposed to these sounds. When used properly and implemented in conjunction with the behavioral modification protocols included in the CD liner notes, you have an excellent chance of rehabilitating your thunder-phobic dog and preventing thunder-phobia from ever developing in younger dogs.

Other Versions:

Through A Dogs Ear - The Driving Edition

Through A Dogs Ear - Music For The Canine Houshold

Through A Dogs Ear - Noise Phobia-Fireworks

Through A Dogs Ear - Music to Calm Your Canine Vol 1

Through A Dogs Ear - Music to Calm Your Canine Vol 2

Through A Dogs Ear - Music to Calm Your Canine, Vol 3


Changing Havanese at a a time.


Featured Educational Article

Flip in WI, Overcoming the Odds

Flip LOVES life and everyone who meets him — well, they flip over him! He's funny, cute and very spunky. 

Flip was left at an animal shelter by a commercial breeder because he had a "back leg deformity". It turns out he has severe bilateral hip dysplasia and his left leg has a significant luxating patella that won't stay in place when his leg is extended, but is slightly better when it's flexed.

Flip walking with a sling

His right patella is fully luxated and his leg is twisted and very undeveloped. He trips over his right leg and the weight of it throws him off balance. Worse, the vets have said he will develop severe arthritis. The right leg can't be repaired, and it should be amputated before it becomes painful.

Flip's left leg has an excellent prognosis. He needs a femoral head osteotomy, Flip Cone of Shamemeaning the head of his femur will be removed and the scar tissue will form a false joint. He also needs a soft tissue repair of his left knee. The orthopedic specialist said he expects Flip to have a "good, normal left leg" after he recovers.

In the meantime, Flip and his foster mom are strengthening him in preparation for surgery. Yes, the surgery is expensive, but Flip shows incredible spirit and he has many years of a happy life ahead of him.

Flip resting 

Flip can run now, look at him go!



UPDATE! 11/3/14

Flip 6 months oldWe're happy to give a pupdate on Flip, who is now an amazingly fast three legged dog. Flip had his right leg amputated in July. It was a rough going at first, but Flip was moving on his own less than a week later.
Flip gets around remarkably well. This summer he went with his foster-to-adopt family to a picnic at a small lake. Flip walked into the water after the grandchildren and began swimming on his own! All those PT sessions in the bathtub paid off. Flip takes a 20 minute walk daily. His strength and endurance have certainly improved.
Flip needs one more surgery to stabilize his patella. His body condition is much better now than when he first went in for surgery this summer. We look forward to watching Flip thrive thanks to the generous support of so many people.
Here's a video of Flip when he visited his first foster home for a long weekend in October. Sometimes it's hard to spot the 3-legged dog in play.



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