Wednesday 22 Oct 2014
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Our Rescue Dogs


Bojangles in WA - ADOPTED


Can you see the sweetness in this little face?  According to his foster family, Bojanges is a happy, loving dog with a sweet and tender personality. He has made great progress from his early beginnings in a puppy mill, and although he is still shy around strangers, Bojangles loves to run and play in the yard with his doggie friends. If you like the idea of four little paws living and loving by your side, maybe you need a dog like Bojangles in your life.

Bojangles is a 3 year old healthy male Havanese, another lucky one to escape the misery of a puppy mill. At the moment we don't know much about him except that he is pretty much afraid of many things. Dogs like Bojangles haven't had the kindness or attention of loving humans, so it does take some time for them to learn to trust us.BoJanglesdeck

Bojangles foster mom is working very hard to do just that; earn his trust and love. One interesting note we've learned is that we can say for sure he dearly loves to eat. That will be in his fabo-blanketrvor, as his mom is saying he'll now take a treat but he stretches his neck out really far to get it from her hand. That alone is a giant step for a frightened little guy but will sure help in his training and ability to gain confidence.

Follow him in his journey to become a happy, confident Havanese and watch his personality unfold. We'll post everything we learn about him as he grows.

Bojangles is being fostered in IL


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