Friday 29 Aug 2014
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Foster-To-Adopt Program

Are You Interested In Adopting A Havanese?

Do you want to know a way that may help it happen?

You may want to consider our foster-to-adopt program. HRI is always in need of good foster homes. It's a constant juggling act to make sure we have enough foster families to care for our dogs since the number of dogs coming in to rescue keeps increasing.

If you're willing to foster, and you find that your foster dog is "the one" for you...you're prequalified to adopt!

What's involved with fostering? Read this article, then, if you're still interested, please indicate in your adoption application that you'd like to participate in our foster-to-adopt program.

You will go through the same process as someone who is being qualified to adopt one of our dogs, references will be checked, and a home visit will be done. Once that's completed, if a rescue comes in that's in your area (and sometimes even when it's not in your area), you may be contacted to provide foster care. If you fall in love...and many of our foster families do...then you're all set to adopt your foster dog.

Even if you decide not to adopt a particular dog, you've helped that dog in his journey to the perfect home, by sharing your home for a brief period. And you never know...you may just find the perfect companion you're looking for. You may even decide you want to foster again!

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