Havanese Rescue Inc Dog Adoption/Foster Home Application

General Information

Please read this first.

Occasionally, potential adopters provide foster care for a rescue dog before the adoption is finalized. This gives everyone time to see if the dog is a good match for the family. Due to this, we ask that you complete all sections of this application, even if you don't plan to become a regular volunteer for Havanese Rescue. Thank you! If you are interested in volunteering with HRI, please register as a volunteer.

NOTE: You will be asked to provide the names and phone numbers for FOUR personal references and one veterinary reference. Please collect that information prior to beginning the application.

If you find that your computer is not cooperating, you may request that a paper Adoption Application be sent to you. Please email us and one will be sent to you.

Residence Location


Please select your state of residence (or Canada - at bottom) from this drop-down list.Failure to do so WILL delay the processing of your application.

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Regular Address
Alternate Address
Household Members

Please provide the following information for each person, other than the applicant above, who will be living in the household with the dog, starting with the spouse or significant other. Use the freqent visitors space if you have more than four fmaily members.

Spouse or Significant Other
Family Member Two
Family Member Three
Family Member Four
Other Visitors

Please provide relevant information on other regular/frequent visitors to the home, including grandchildren, neices/nephews, eldery/disabled people, etc.

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.