Cooper's story, told by his foster Mom - ADOPTED!

I was called about 9:30 pm one evening by a Havanese Rescue Inc volunteer who must have known I would be half asleep by then. She asked me if I would pick up a foster dog at the turnpike the next day............and I said "Yes"!

She must have known what a very special foster Cooper was because it is known that I don't have facilities to segregate a dog from the rest of my household. And special he was!

cooperx.jpgCooper had a wonderful disposition, was totally housebroken, came to my faint feeble little whistle, favored right up to Miss Lilli, and was affectionate with the neighbors and their dogs. What more could you want!  He knew how to sit, shake hands, and several other commands......and he followed me around like he might loose me as he had his former owners.........that made me sad.

Now he is with an elderly couple, both of whom are retired. The wife is busy with some sports and social events, so he is a "Daddy's Boy"!  The new family is more than financially secure and are providing Cooper with all the extras any pupper could desire.

I couldn't fail fostering due to my condo complex rules, but if not for those, who knows???

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.