Ebbie came into rescue with many medical issues, required three surgeries, and then many months of care to heal both physically and emotionally. Her foster mom loved her completely and totally, and knew that Ebbie's forever home was going to need to be perfect before she would allow this sweet girl to be adopted. Well, that home came along and was so very worth the wait.

Ebbie lived with people who adored her and her every moment with them. They are exceptional people whose unconditional love, patience, and caring made it possible for Ebbie to spend the rest of her life feeling the sheer joy and blissful comfort of being loved and valued. She had two Havanese brothers, Twist and Tonka, and a cat to share her life with.

To Ebbie's mommy and daddy - we are blessed to say that you have one of our rescues. You have taken sweet Ebbie into your hearts and your home. We know without question that you loved her and protected every day of her precious life.
We are proud that you are part of our Havanese Rescue Inc. Family and will be eternally grateful that you are who you are.

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.