molly regal2 It is with tears that we write that our sweetest loving Miss Molly crossed the Rainbow Bridge today, May 29, 2015 where she joins our beloved Ebbie, who was our first HRI princess.















MOLLY 2 CROPPEDMolly was a rare rescue dog who knew love her entire life, from beginning to end. Her first family in Alabama relinquished her to HRI to save her life because she suffered from severe environmental allergies and would have died had her environment not been radically changed in order to stop exposure to local antigens. When she came to Idaho, a high desert, we hoped that the change in environment would cure her allergies. It worked wonders. Her hair grew back but it was too late to reverse the severe dry eye from which she never recovered. Molly lost her sight and required daily eye drops, but blindness didn't stop her from taking our three Havanese boys under her wing. She ruled them with a light paw and the small growlies that we all soon realized was her way of saying “I love you”.MOLLY 3

Molly shared her time and love with her foster mom, Marci, who lives next door and assisted with her extensive medical and grooming requirements and gave her the occasional break from the boys who can still get quite rambunctious despite their advanced ages. When Molly stopped barking we realized that something was not right with her, and a trip to the vet confirmed severe anemia resulting from her body spending all of her energy to fight recurring eye infections and the ravages of age, at the expense of making red blood cells. She was given donated pain medication, to ensure that she was not suffering, and we brought her home for a few days to say goodbye. This morning Molly let us know that she was ready to move on. We are sad but we know that because of the kindness of HRI, Molly had many happy years that she would not have had otherwise. As with all rescue dogs, Molly gave us more than we could ever give her.MOLLY 1

Miss Molly is survived by her adoptive parents, Dale and Lee, her foster mom, Marci, and her Havanese brothers, HRI Willie who was one of the WI crate boys, Tonka and Twist. We will miss her sweet growlies very much.


Molly was fostered in ID.




Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.