MollyID2_-_CopyMOLLY GOT HER WINGS ON June 11, 2013

She was much loved by many...

Molly is a four year old, dark gray and white, 9 lb. bundle of pure adorable sweetness. Shspecialneedsicone is very affectionate, gentle and LOVES to be held, carried around, touched, and loved on. She would spend her whole life in someone's arms and cuddled in their lap if she could.

Molly came into Havanese Rescue as a very scared, weak and stressed little girl. She seemed visually impaired, stumbled when she walked, had poor balance causing her to fall, had a head tilt MollyMTand constantly circled left. For these reasons, Molly could not be left unattended.

Molly is now under the care of a neurological and internal medicine team at Washington State University Vet School while being fostered nearby. The general diagnosis is that she has left fore brain disease of uncertain cause. The vets have placed her on their brain inflammation protocol.MollyID_with_doctor

Molly is a very good girl and takes her medicine willingly. She has apparently been this way off and on her whole life. We have lots of hope for our very sweet Special Needs girl. Her life has already greatly improved now that she is under the safe and loving umbrella of HRI.
Molly is noticeably brighter and she has a little more energy. She is stronger, has normal eyes but still impaired vision, can go up the new back door ramp independently now, and will continue to be monitored at WSU for the time being.

Molly is cute as a button and being lovingly fostered in Idaho.

MollyID2A donation will be requested to adopt this dog. The recommended donation amount will be based on the dog's age, and medical and behavioral issues, if any. A completed application is required if you are interested in adoption. Thank you for considering a rescue dog!

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