Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Tribute Donations Certificates

Tribute Donation Certificates

Simply click on the certificate of your choice, print, then add your name, the recipient name, and the date. Mail it to that special someone you're recognizing or honoring.

These full-color printable certificates (In Acrobat pdf format) can be printed on your own printer and are attractive whether printed in color or black and white.

Donor names will still be posted on the web here.

Thank you for supporting the Havanese Rescue dogs and showing someone how much you care!

In Loving Memory Of  In Honor Of In Recognition Of
 trib_cert_thumb.jpg trib_cert_thumb.jpg  trib_cert_thumb.jpg
In Celebration Of Special Holiday Version For You - HRI Thank You
 trib_cert_thumb.jpg  trib_cert_holidaythum.jpg  trib_cert_thumb.jpg
    In Recognition of Your Generosity

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