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FreddyFullFreddy came to his foster home because he has a habit of “marking” when he is feeling neglected so he wears a belly band (dog diaper for male dogs) when he is inside and not in his crate. He is the cutest little guy who would make someone a wonderful companion. Freddy LOVES men. His ideal home would be a place with a fenced in yard (no electric fences please) with another dog to play with, or perhaps another dog who visits frequently. Freddy needs someone who wants a wonderful little side kick to go on walks or go to the dog park and make him feel like he is the amazing boy that he is.



A donation will be requested to adopt this dog. The recommended donation amount will be based on the dog's age, and medical and behavioral issues, if any.  A completed application is required if you are interested in adoption. Thank you for considering a rescue dog!

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.