Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Available for Adoption

Izzy in WA

SpotL IzzyInWaHS SpotR





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Bella in NY

Bella in NY 2 SmallFaceMeet eleven year old Bella. An easy-going, lovable and spry little lady.





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Emes in FL

EMES FL HEADSHOTEmes (a Yiddish word meaning "truth" and pronounced M-S) is a sweet 11-year-old boy with a kind and loving disposition. He loves belly rubs, snuggling, and being close to his humans.




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Nemo in WA

 Nemo in WA Headshot

Four-year-old Nemo is cuddly and sweet. His ideal spot is right next to you on the couch or on your lap if you give him the okay. (The household cat is a little miffed about that since he thinks he owns his mom’s lap!)








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Ditto and Ricky in NC

It is said thDITTO NC 2017 HEADSHOTat Havanese are like potato chips – you cannot have RICKY NC 2017 HEADSHOTjust one.  Ditto and Ricky agree!  These buddies would love to find a home together.  Don’t miss your chance to scoop up twice as much fun.

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Sugar & Pepper in KS (adoption pending)

SugarPepperSmHeadsNine-year-old Sugar and seven-year-old Pepper have adjusted well in foster care. These cute little girls weigh just nine pounds each.




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Ben in NY

Ben in NY 2 SmallFaceBen is looking for a new place to call home. He just turned 10 and weighs in at 20 pounds.





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Eddie in WI




Eddie is a friendly little man. He bounces when he is happy and always lets you know how much he loves you. Who could ask for more?





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Willie in FL

WillieSmFaceWillie is a sweet little guy who loves to smile - at his foster family, other dogs and visitors he meets in his new foster home. Willie is thirteen years old and weighs eleven pounds.




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Dudley in FL

DUDLEY FL 2017 HEADSHOT ADJUSTEDThirteen-year-old Dudley is a sweet, elderly gentleman who loves his people, his bed and his dinner in that order. He likes to play and walk in moderation, but he really takes retirement seriously (Weighing just 14 pounds, he does not need any extra exercise to keep his ideal weight anyway.). He is a wonderful, affectionate companion who gives lots of kisses and is always ready for his belly rubs.




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