Tuesday, 17 July 2018

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Oliver in WA

OLIVER WA 2018 HEADSHOTFive-year-old Ollie is a big boy (16 pounds) who is very shy and submissive, but with the help of his foster mom, he is gaining some confidence. He is super specialneedsiconsweet and loves to sleep on the couch snuggled up to the person right next to him. Being picked up, however, is stressful for him and prompts him to roll over or pee submissively. He is learning, though, and is already doing better!




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Murphy in IL

Murphy headshot Murphy is a handsome eleven-year-old Havanese.  His doting foster mom reports that Murphy greets everyone with a broad Havanese smile and enthusiastic tail wagging.  The charming Murphy has a beautiful thick, soft coat with reddish highlights.  He weighs 20 pounds which is a healthy weight for him. 



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Nemo in WA

Nemo in WA Headshot


Fiver-year-old Nemo is cuddly and sweet. His ideal spot is right next to you on the couch or on your lap if you give him the o-kay. (The household cat is a little miffed about that since he thinks he owns his mom’s lap!)




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Ollie in WA

Ollie HeadshotAt just over a year, young Ollie retains his puppy-like nature. He’s a happy, curious, playful and energetic Havanese with a soulful expression. Ollie weighs 13 pounds 10 ounces.

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