Thursday, 27 April 2017

In Foster Care

Fernando in FL


Fernando in FL headshotFernando is a happy and busy 20-week-old Havanese puppy new to HRI rescue. When this darling guy is playing with other small dogs, h is just a blur of grey and white as you can see in this recent video. His foster family describes him as a joy and says he’s adjusting well to his new home.

We’ll share more about Fernando when we get to know this little guy better.


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Murray in VA

Darling Murray is eight years old. He’s a friendly and playful guy who weighs sixteen pounds.Murray headshot

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Eddie in GA

Eddie headshotEddie is a handsome grey-and-white male Havanese. He’s eleven years old and weighs twelve pounds. This sweet boy is new to our foster care program. We’ll share more information once we get to know him better.

Eddie is being fostered in Georgia.


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Phoebe in NY

PhoebeSmFaceFosterToAdoptProgramIcon Super cute Phoebe, a six-month-old puppy, is happy to have found her forever family. She is staying with her foster family where she has been busy playing fetch, chasing tennis balls, getting treats and learning the basics (house, leash and crate training). 




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Stuffings in FL

stuffins head shot

Meet Stuffings. She’s a five-year-old black and white Havanese living with her foster-to-adopt family in Florida.           FosterToAdoptProgramIcon




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Diesel in NY - Adoption Pending

DieselSmFaceFour-year-old Diesel is a lucky dog! He is staying with his foster-to-adopt family where he is getting everything he’s ever dreamed of: love, attention, car rides, walks, treats and no young children to grab at him.FosterToAdoptProgramIcon




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Sugar & Pepper in KS

 Sugar in KSheadshot2016Pepper in KS headshot2016

Nine-year-old Sugar and seven-year-old Pepper have adjusted well in foster care. These cute little girls weigh just nine pounds each.

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Jackson in VA

jackson headshot

Jackson has honed the art of companionship to perfection in his ten years. The handsome gentleman weighs in at 16 pounds of love and affection.

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Tyler in TX

 TylerHSAlthough twelve-year-old Tyler just arrived at his foster home, he already feels very comfortable and very much at home in his new surroundings.


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Felicia in FL

FeliciaSmFaceFour-year-old Felicia recently joined her foster-to-adopt family in Florida. She’s settling in nicely and loves taking walks with her fostFosterToAdoptProgramIconer mom. She enjoys meeting other dogs in the neighborhood.  





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Bailey in NM - Adoption Pending!

Bailey in NM 2017 headshotWe do not have much information yet about three-month-old Bailey -- other than that he is absolutely adorable FosterToAdoptProgramIconand doing great at his foster home. He gets along famously with the resident parrot, but has not had any opportunity to interact with other dogs, cats or children of any age.

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Niki in FL - Adoption Pending

Niki1A headshot

Niki is a beautiful cream-colored Havanese new to our foster care program. She’s eight years old. Years ago Niki had bladder stones removed, but has stabilized and doing very well on her CD diet. She will need to remain on this diet and is not expected to develop any new stones.

We look forward to getting to know this sweet girl and will share more information in the future.

Niki is being fostered in Florida.

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