Wednesday, 13 December 2017

In Foster Care

Kevin & Dexter in GA



DEXTER GA HEADSHOT 2017 NAMEKEVIN GA HEADSHOT 2017 NAMEKevin and Dexter are adorable six-year-old littermates. The pair have been together all their lives and are good companions for each other.




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Vinnie in NC


Eight-year-old Vinnie is ready to join his forever family. He is housebroken, up to date on all his vaccines, heartworm and flea medications. At 13.5 pounds, he is at his ideal weight - his love of walking briskly certainly helps to keep him trim (even though he is a big fan of cookies). When he is out for a walk, he stays on task - no stopping, sniffing or marking for him!



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Big Ben in FL

BEN FL 2017 HEADSHOT Bennie or “Big Ben” is a happy and loving eight-year-old Havanese mix who was fending for himself on the streets before a good samaritan found him and contacted HRI. Bennie weighs about 13 pounds but may put on a little weight now that he’s feeling better.






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