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2016 - Dog Days of Summer

The 2016 Havanese Rescue Quilt Project quilt is called “ The Dog Days of Summer” quilt. The quilt was inspired by the fact that the HCA Specialty Show is to be held in Orlando Florida. We decided to go with a fun summer beach theme for this year’s quilt.

Fabrics were chosen from Moda’s collection called “For You by Zen Chic”. The quilt colors and design are bold and lively as well as dynamic and classy. The quilt measures 60 inches by 78 inches.

Enjoy our summertime beach theme. Be Happy and enjoy our quilt and video that is made for you!

View the squares set to music here!







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2016 - Monochrome Splash

Monochrome Splash was the theme voted in this year. With a monochromatic color scheme, we used black and white photographs for inspiration and each added a splash of color... Red! It is a stunning quilt. The quilt measures 70” by 71”.

View the squares set to music here!

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2015 - Favorite Things

The 2015 Havanese Rescue Quilt is called “These are a Few of My Favorite Things” or “Favorite Things.” The quilt was inspired by the song from “The Sound of Music,” and the quilters decided to depict favorite things in each of the quilt squares. Fabric colors were chosen from Moda’s color wave called “Bobbins and Bits” which includes fun turquoises and corals. Bobbins and bits of fabric are favorite items found in every sewing room, so the collection suited our theme. Each square includes a dog bone, and the dog bone theme is again carried throughout the finishing of the quilt, tying each square together by one of our Hav’s favorite things…dog bones!

The quilt is five feet wide by six feet long and has a quilt sleeve for hanging.

You can see the squares set to the theme song here!







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2015 - Star of the Show

The 2015 Star of the Show Quilt is our 10th group quilt. Julie chose this theme this year in hopes that it would appeal to show breeders as well as those who love Havanese.  Every one of them are "stars" in their own way.

The quilt is 56” X 68” and has a quilt sleeve attached to the back.

View the squares set to music here!







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2014 - 10th Anniversary Forever Home Quilt

This gorgeous quilt proudly proclaims, "Forever Home" in a banner across the top of a home, happily inhabited by 32 Havanese! The whimsical depiction of these Havanese is sure to bring a smile to your face.

This is HRI's 10 year anniversary. Since we were founded in 2004, more than 875 Havanese have found forever homes thanks to the hard work of our volunteers. Forever Home is a tribute to all that rescue stands for. The person who wins this gorgeous quilt will be very lucky indeed!

Forever Home was designed by Michelle Burke with the idea that Havanese would be depicted throughout the house making home! Cheryl Grant was instrumental in choosing fabrics and creating the garden background for the house. She evaluated the blocks and created a house that would logically flow and look like an actual house right down to the garden and driveway.

The Forever Home quilt is 53" wide by 57" tall. You may bid on the quilt during the Annual Auction beginning Saturday, November 8, 2014.







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2013 - Close-Ups

Close-Ups Quilt

We voted this theme in, based on a suggestion years ago by a forum member. It is a more contemporary quilt then we have ever done before. With this theme we did not want any scenes,but rather just have the focus be on the havanese.
So many times when trying to photograph a hav, they move or come running for kisses and you end up with a photo that was unexpected. This is what our quilt was about this year. Our quilt measures approx. 68” x 70”







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2013 - Hav'n a Ball

Hav'n a Ball Quilt

This year's theme was a result of the idiom Have a Ball, which seemed perfect for our quilt, as it means to enjoy oneself or have a good time. Everyone who owns a Hav knows that these little sweeties know how to have a good time and also know how to insure that their owners enjoy their time with their pups. Hav'n a Ball, was created and to tie in with its literal meaning we added a ball to each square for continuity.  The quilt dimensions are approximately 67" long and 57" wide.







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