unique_trooper_012.jpgMeet this smart, happy & thriving 4 ½ yr old neutered male who was turned into a Shelter when his owner developed health problems. 
His exteme fearfulness of men is diminishing, but Trooper’s preference might be to hook up with a single woman (no children). If she had a small dog(s) that would be fine, too! And if she has a male friend who is patient and loving and willing to give Trooper some time to warm up, she can keep her man besides. Trooper just needs a guy who understands he's a little cautious until he knows everything is all right.

Trooper is fostered in Nebraska.


Trooper catches on very quickly. He loves human attention  and someone to be the recipient for his sweet Hav-kisses.
Trooper says he must be allowed to sleep in the owner’s bed at night and in front of the computer monitor during the day.(He's come very fond of this, you understand.) 

Trooper is quite the little jumper. He  loves to play with toys and his Hav-friends. He enjoys Greenies and Dingo chewy knots.

There are still a few "accidents" but with a stay at home mom, to take him outdoors on a schedule they could overcome that together. unique_trooper_004.jpg
He loves praise so working with him in a positive manner will go a long way.

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.