Stitching Our Future - The History of the Havanese Rescue Quilt Project

The Havanese Rescue Quilt Project was started by a small group of rescue volunteers with a desire to generate funds for the rescue and rehabilitation of Havanese in need. The first Havanese Rescue Quilt, completed in 2003, was a great success and raised over $4,000 in rescue funds. The project has continued to grow since then.

Rescue Quilt Project Logo

In 2004, the quilt committee decided to provide funds to several Havanese Rescue Groups, based on "shares" voted by the volunteers who create the quilts. In 2004 this included Havanese Rescue Inc (HRI) and the Havanese Club of America's Placement and Rescue Services (HCA PRS). 2005 saw the addition of the Havanese Fancier's of Canada Rescue to the list of rescue groups benefiting from the proceeds of the Quilt Drawing.

As the need for rescue and funds to support it continues to grow, the logistics of managing the quilt project as an international endeavor became too complicated. Beginning in 2008, this project was run as a part of Havanese Rescue Inc and exclusively benefits the many Havanese we serve.  As a transition, in 2007, three quilts were created - one for HRI, another for HFC and a third for HCA-PRS. Each group held their own drawing.

In 2008, the quilt project was blessed with the donation of a beautiful quilt created by members of the Havanese Forum. For several years now members of the Havanese Forum have shared their talents by putting their vision and love of our Havanese into a quilt designed especially for the dogs of Havanese Rescue Inc. You'll see that there are volunteers that work on both of the quilts, the ones designed by HRI and those designed by the talented quilters of the Havanese Forum. Again, our love of our dogs has woven a net of safety for the Havanese that need it and a sense of camaraderie in those of us who love them.

All squares and other quilt components submitted to the project become the property of The HRI Rescue Quilt Project and photographs of the finished quilts and/or individual squares may, at times, be used for other fundraising efforts.



Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.