It takes a lot to provide a safe haven and secure future for Havanese that need us. We cannot do this without you. So if you're wondering "how can I help" feel free to look over this list, find your area of expertise and register on our website.

Please answer all the questions on the registration form. We cannot process your application without all the requested data. 

First step, fill out our Volunteer Registration Form.
This Volunteer Registration Form is where you will have to approve our Volunteer Contract.  Please review this contract  prior to beginning volunteer registration. You will need to check the Contract Approval box on the registration form. If you have difficulty submitting an application, please direct questions to our volunteer apps account.

There is also an opportunity to fill out our Skills Assessment form. This is not mandatory but is helpful for HRI to see what our volunteers can contribute or want to help out with. If you choose not to do this during volunteer signup, once you are approved to be an HRI volunteer you will be asked to fill it out again.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer with Havanese Rescue Inc!

A rescue doesn't run itself. We must have people willing to serve on committees and the board.

  • bills must be paid (website/veterinary/grooming/store purchases/credit cards, etc.)
  • insurance must be obtained kept up
  • database creation/maintenance
    • records must be entered/maintained for every dog
    • records of all expenses must be entered/maintained
  • permits and licenses must be obtained for various activities
  • decisions (sometimes very hard ones) must be made about whether we have the resources and foster homes to
  • take in dogs
  • compliance with laws for 48 states must be researched and observed (and we recently had an international adoption!)
  • writing policies, procedures and educational info for other volunteers
  • creating forms/contracts for intake/adoption
  • board meetings and other ongoing communication
  • oversight of all of the following:

We can't rescue dogs if we have no money to care for them. Fundraising includes:

  • quilting squares for the HRI Quilt Fundraiser
  • coordinating the fabrication of the quilt
  • selling quilt tickets
  • grant research and writing
  • coordinating an online auction to raise funds
  • helping to organize the huge events at the Havanese National Specialty
  • helping to staff the huge events at the Havanese National Specialty
  • procuring donations of items from businesses or individuals for our foster dogs or for auctions and fundraisers
  • advertising events

 The website is our "public face." The primary method for people to make contact with us to surrender or adopt dogs.

  • creation and general administration of the site (our site is not "static" it changes constantly)
  • security/upkeep of the site to prevent hacking and spam (regular upgrades necessary)
  • backup of the site
  • online forms creation and maintenance (so people can contact us)
  • photography 
  • creation of dog listings on our site and Petfinder
  • writing/posting of educational materials about adoption, dog care, behavior problems, etc.
  • maintaining a social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, etc.)
  • moderation of Yahoo Groups

The best way for us to help dogs stay out of shelters and rescue is educating owners.

  • newsletter
  • writing articles
  • proofreading/editing
  • production/distribution
  • communicating HRI news to local HCA clubs
  • being available to counsel someone about a dog behavior issue
  • educating the public by setting up booths at local pet expos or shows
  • creating a slideshow or video for youtube or educational venues

State Contact Coordinator

  • application processing
  • reference/veterinary checks
  • home visits
  • record keeping
  • ensures that new volunteers join the Yahoo Group(s)
  • orientation/mentoring new volunteers

State Contacts

  • coordinating foster placements in state
  • mentoring foster parents
  • helping to coordinate vet care
  • ensuring that each dog has HRI ID tags while in foster care
  • making up “lost dog” posters in advance in case the unthinkable happens and a foster dog escapes or is lost

Intake Group
This is practically a full-time job by itself

  •  staffing the intake group 7 days a week
  • emailing and making phone calls to follow up on dogs needing our help
  • assessing safety risk (if dog is known to have aggression issues the board must be involved in the decision process)
  • deciding whether we can accept a particular dog 

Dog Management Team

  • keeps track of ALL the dogs currently in foster care and those coming into foster care, including who is fostering,
  • what their adoption status is.
  • providing photos and write ups for dog listings to the geeks for the website
  • mentoring foster parents
  • determining the appropriate adoption fee amount to be requested for each dog based on age, health, behaviour issues, etc.


  • providing financial support/donations
  • donating air miles for transport
  • researching prices on vet care, flea-tick medications, grooming etc.
  • storing/shipping things for foster dogs (leashes, collars, belly-bands, etc)
  • making belly-bands and girly pants
  • providing moral support and camaraderie to other volunteers as they share their successes and challenges with HRI dogs
  • Thank you cards to donors
  • Get well cards to ill volunteers

Dog care 

  • IDing/assessing dogs/checking on dogs in shelters
  • coordinating dog transports
  • driving a leg of a transport
  • driving various distances to meet a devastated owner forced to surrender their beloved pet and trying to help them and the dog
    • fostering
    • feeding
    • administering medications
    • vet trips
    • training/addressing behavior problems/issues
    • grooming
    • socializing


  • responding to applications
  • reference/veterinary checks
  • home visits
  • record keeping
  • follow up on adoptions to ensure successful placement

What volunteer opportunities are available?
As you can see from the list above there are many opportunities for anyone who wants to volunteer for HRI.

What skills are needed to volunteer?
There are volunteer jobs that require no previous skills at all. If there is something that you are proficient at and you think HRI can benefit from your skills please look into that postion. There is a skills questionaire that is part of the HRI Volunteer application process. This is helpful not only to HRI but also to the volunteer to help realize what they can do for HRI.

What is the time commitment to volunteer?
Depending on the job there are many different time commitments. Some jobs are a one time commitment while others require ongoing commitment.

How do I become a volunteer with Havanese Rescue?
Please click here here to register as a volunteer.

The application is a two-way tool; it tells us a lot of information about potential adopters and it hopefully makes adopters think about the process of adopting a rescued dog.

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.