hunter.jpgHuggable Hunter won't make it as a Guard dog!

Hunter doesn't know any strangers! Everyone he meets is his new best friend. Because of that, he'd make a wonderful therapy dog, or a reading companion dog. He'll also make a perfect pal to just about anyone. Hunter was even happy to see everyone in the veterinary office. They were quite thrilled with that since most dogs don't care much for the staff at an animal clinic (not a good place to be in doggy terms).

Hunter came into HRI along with his brother Clyde.  They are very sweet brothers who lost their home, apparently due to the economy, and were on their way to a Shelter when HRI stepped in to give the owners another option.

Hunter is playful, and would definitely enjoy the company of another dog in the household. Like his brother Clyde, he enjoys attention, even grooming attention, and loves to be on a warm lap. A bit smaller than his brother, Hunter will probably be around 10 lbs once he's at normal weight.
Hunter and Clyde may be adopted together, or separated. They enjoy other dogs and are young enough to adjust to being without the other. They both need work on house training, but readily use wee wee pads when they can't get outdoors.

A donation will be requested to adopt this dog. The recommended donation amount will be based on his age, and any medical and behavioral issues. Complete the adoption application here.  You will not be considered until we have a completed application. Hunter is currently being fostered in Florida.

Here's a photo of Hunter after a bath and grooming. He's a handsome guy! (The gold dog in the background is owned by the foster Mom and is not available for adoption!)

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.