Sammy on couch



This handsome gentleman was Simba, a calm and gentle 11 year old boy.  He cut a trim figure at 19 pounds and had the softest white coat!


He adapted quickly to new situations, getting on well with his foster doggie siblings, and became the faithful companion to his foster dad and mom. He was the quintessential “velcro Havanese” who always wanted to be by his human’s side, and made sure you knew that he needed to be petted! Simba did not like sleeping in a crate, but he was housetrained and knew how to use the doggy door. He was on a special diet and ate very well. Simba got along with other dogs, but prefered his humans. Simba liked someone to take him outside often. He didn't need long walks; he just wanted to be close to his person. 


Sammy standing on couch


Simba was fostered in MD.






Sammy in MD 1


Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.