Gender – Neutered Male
Age – 12 years
Weight – 19 pounds
Crate, leash and house trained
Prefers a quiet household

Huck is an aloof dude and a bit of a stalker. He is not a cuddly man, but likes to know where his people are and will follow them from room to room. Huck loves to sleep near his humans, just not on them. Huck is tolerant of the household cats. He will bark at dogs he meets on his walks, but with his tail wagging.

Huck is moderately active and needs to up his game a little in order to shed some weight. He is working on it, which is all we can ask. In our opinion food is joy, so we feel his pain…

Huck thinks he is in charge and needs consistent and gentle reminders that he is mistaken on that fact. He will fight you on getting his ears and paws cleaned, but not aggressively. He just doesn’t like it, but cleanliness is next to godliness, right?

Huck has allergies, but they seem to be very well controlled with medication.

Huck is currently being fostered in Texas.

If you're already smitten, feel free to complete an application; however, please be aware that our dogs must be in their foster homes for a minimum of two weeks for evaluation. This is for their benefit and yours to help ensure a successful placement in a permanent home.

A fee will be requested to adopt this dog. The recommended fee amount will be based on the dog's age, and medical and behavioral issues, if any.  A completed application is required if you are interested in adoption.

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