Duffy 5

Duffy had an autoimmune disease which was managed with three inexpensive medications which he took without any challenge at all. They were added to his food. He need a Complete Blood Count every four to six weeks to monitor his health. He also needed a person who watched him for health changes.

Duffy was a big boy at 27 pounds. He loved to snack on big carrots, corn on the cob and green beans. The steroid he was taking increased his appetite and those veggies were good for him and made him quite happy.

Throughout the day Duffy entertained himself with toys. He fancied himself a surgeon and especially loved to remove the squeaker and chew on it until it squeaked no more!

Wherever you go, Duffy would follow. He loved being with his people and thought it was his mission in life to be your shadow. Such devotion deserved a person of his own!  Fortunately, he had a fabulous foster parent!

Duffy was in foster care in Illinois. 


Duffy in IL 2018 standing resize

Duffy 1


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